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Paris Themmen is an American actor, commercial casting director, and entrepreneur. He is best known for his role as Mike Teevee in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971).

Before being cast for the role of Mike Teevee, he performed on Broadway in Mame (1967) and in The Rothschilds (1970). He declared a hiatus from acting at age 14 to “just be a kid”. After college Themmen founded Access International, a travel service that arranged Europe-bound charter flights for backpackers. He had brief stints in real estate, film, production, commercial casting, business representation and a few other ventures. He now signs autographs at conventions, runs a photography business, and makes sporadic appearances in commercials, plays, and TV shows.

Group Photo: $80 | Signed 8x10: $25 | Signed Fan Items: $30

Signed group photo (with Augustus Gloop): $125

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