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Alexis Noriega grew up in a family of nerds and geeks. Her father taught her a love of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and cinema, and her mother taught her a love of books and science. At the age of 9, she made her first costume from scratch, and that year got her first sewing machine. From then on she was hooked and has been making costumes for her and her friends from anime, video games, manga, movies and more. Through High school and college, however, she focused on science and math, rather than her art. In College she studied science and technology, eventually getting her Masters Degree in Soil, Water, and Environmental Science.

As an adult, Alexis has found a way to merge her two loves into one with her high-tech cosplay. Using motors, circuit boards, batteries, LEDs and more Alexis creates high tech costume wear to bring screen CGI props and technology off the screen and into reality! Her work has been featured on the Descovery Science Channel’s Outragious acts of Science, and many random sites like Bored Panda, The Fabulous World Trotters, and The Modern Met. She has also created wings for R. Kelly, Miss USA International, Social Repose and Jessica Nigiri. She is a regular feature at maker/hacker events around the state where she works hard to promote Women in Science and Technology and to encourage young girls to get involved in math and science.

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