Yar! What a Lovely Poppet at the Pirate Fashion Show!
Can ye walk the walk and talk the talk? Well, me lords and ladies, time to strut your buccaneer fashions in our first ever Fan Fest Pirate Fashion Show. However, be aware that if ye do, you either walk the runway or walk the plank!

Disney’s Pirates of the Carribean
What started as a ride in Disneyland has transformed into a craze of scallywags, eye patches, and leather-clad swashbucklers. Join us as we explore the roots of the Disney attraction, the movies, and what it means to fly the Jolly Roger flag.

Mystery Pirate Theater 1600
Yar! How old this joke be? Join our fiercest cut throat critics as they take a crack at film pirates for all the groan and moan-worthy praise. Can ye ears stand the likes of it?

Pirate or Ninja?
Cutlass vs Katana! Poison Blow Darts vs Flintlock! The classic battle of Pirate vs Ninjas has been going on since time immemorial. Come defend the honor of the Ninjas or your Pirate Brethren in this debate to end all debates!

Pirate’s Booty
“X” marks the spot! Can you follow the clues and find the long lost buried treasure?

Pirates in Pop Culture
One-Eyed Willy and The Dread Pirate Roberts may be a couple of the most famous pop culture pirates, but did you know that pirates have been part of literature and film for centuries? Come learn some new names and talk about how pirates continue to draw us to theaters and book stores.

Sea Shanty Sing-Along
“Yo ho – yo ho – a pirates life for me”. All landlubbers are welcome at this rowdy pirate sing along.

Ship Shape
The Black Pearl didn’t have anything on Adventure Galley or Queen Anne’s Revenge. Come learn about the “real” ships, their captains, their crew, and their misadventures.

Spaaaaace Pirates!
Not all pirates sail the seven seas; some of them blast their way across the universe! Let’s spend some time stargazing and talk about our favorite otherworldly pirates.

The Real Pirates of the Carribean
Learn about Madame Cheng, Calico Jack, and other real-life pirates that made their lives on the sea. Some of their stories would make even the Kraken quake in his boots… if he had feet.

Ultimate Pirate Showdown
Come bear witness to the Ultimate Pirate Championship (UPC)! Share your pirate knowledge and show your support as we aim to crown a pirate king… or Ultimate Pirate Champion.

Where has all the rum gone? An Hour with Captain Jack Sparrow
Have you ever wondered how Captain Jack keeps his hair so silky smooth? Well, now is your chance to ask! Come meet the man himself and ask those questions that have been keeping you up at night.

Moon Mermaid Pirate Stories for Kids
Arizona’s very own Moon Mermaid has traveled far across the seven seas and beyond to bring you her collection of pirate stories.

Kevin McNally pirate comedy

Roast of Jack Sparrow
“Captain Jack is a scallywag” may be one of the many things you hear, as a colorful band of misfits roasts their favorite captain. Be prepared to laugh like a cuttlefish at this good-natured and fun event.

Visit the schedule for dates and times. All programming subject to change.

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