Ghostbusters: Make your own Slime
Sometimes finding haunted locations with psychokinetic energy can be a difficult, and time-consuming way to gather slime. Luckily, our friends in the Phoenix Ghostbusters can show you a shortcut in how to make your own multi-color slime for fun and fame.

Ghostbusters Monster Parade
All little monsters, ghouls, and ghosts are welcome to this indoor parade that snakes it’s way around and through the Phoenix Fan Fest grounds.

Fan Fest Crafts and Coloring!
Stop by and color a picture of some of your favorite Fan Fest characters.

Latest & Greatest in Children’s Literature
Sneak peek at what is on the horizon for children’s and young adult literature

Sea Shanty Sing Along
“Yo ho – yo ho – a pirates life for me”. All landlubbers are welcome at this rowdy pirate sing along.

Moon Mermaid Pirate Stories for Kids
Arizona’s very own Moon Mermaid has traveled far across the seven seas, and beyond, to bring you her collection of pirate stories.

Pirate’s Booty
“X” marks the spot! Can you follow the clues and find the long lost buried treasure?

Like Me Like You – the Steven Universe Sing-Along
Do you have music in your heart or see it in the world? Add your voice to the Steven Universe Sing-Along.

The Stars of Cartoon Network
The Amazing World of Gumball! Steven Universe! Powerpuff Girls! These and several other shows will be returning to Cartoon Network. Sit in and learn about what shows are coming up and what we can expect from our favorites.

The Hunt for the Golden Ticket
Rumor has it, that there was a sixth Golden Ticket that was never found, and only the Oompa Loompas know it’s location. Can you find all the Oompa Loompas at Fan Fest to win the Golden Ticket?

Willy Wonka Sing-Along
Cheer Up Charlie! Come join the Wonka Choir and sing along with your favorite songs from the movie.

Visit the schedule for dates and times. All programming subject to change.

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