Unlicensed Nuclear Accelerators: How to Make Your Own
Proton Packs are recognized staple of any true blue Ghostbuster. Come learn from our prop building experts what is needed to bring this piece of movie magic to life!

Arizona Ghost Stories
Arizona has many haunted locations that you can explore and they aren’t all ghost towns. Learn more from our resident paranormal investigators about all the spooky places that the Copper State has to offer.

What about the Twinkie – Ghostbuster Trivia
Come test your knowledge of all things Ghostbusters in this fast-paced, family-friendly game of trivia.

Ghostbusters: Crossing the Streams
Come discover the many different formats in which we have enjoyed the Ghostbusters. Movies, cartoons, and video games are just a few places we have seen those Proton Packs in action.

Tobin’s Spirit Guide to Haunted Artifacts
Like the painting of Vigo the Carpathian, objects can be haunted too. Grab your Tobin’s Spirit guide and learn from paranormal investigators about those household items that go “bump” in the night.

Real Life Ghostbusting
Come hear first-hand accounts of paranormal investigations from Arizona and across the country.

The Special Effects of Ghostbusters
Take a peek behind the curtain and learn about the outrageous special effects from 1984’s classic film, Ghostbusters.

Ghostbusters: Make your own Slime
Sometimes finding a haunted location with psychokinetic energy can be a difficult and time-consuming way to gather slime. Luckily, our friends in the Phoenix Ghostbusters can show you a shortcut in how to make your own multi-color slime for fun and fame.

Ghostbusters Monster Parade
All little monsters, ghouls, and ghosts are welcome to this indoor parade that snakes its way around and through the Phoenix Fan Fest grounds.

The Real Ghostbusters or the Ghost Busters?
How well do you know the Ghostbusters? Or are you a fan of THE Ghost Busters? Yes, there is a difference – come test your cartoon knowledge against other fans to see which group of specter fighting heroes come out on top!

Collecting Spirits: The Toys and Collectibles from Ghostbusters
From Happy Meal toys to Legos and Funko, the Ghostbusters stamp has been on just about every type of merchandise imaginable. What are some of the rare and unique items over the past 30 years? Time to bust out that Slimer lunch box!

“Who Ya Gonna Call” Showdown
Supernatural vs. Ghostbusters! If you have a ghost problem who would you dial first? Our boys driving baby? Or our Team with the proton packs? Come state your case and cast your vote in this showdown.

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