Geek Family Feud
Family, Friends, and Acquaintances! Join us for another fast-paced and captivating episode of Family Feud – Fan Fest Edition! Test your wit, knowledge, and cunning to outsmart and outmatch others in this Geek vs Geek competition

“Ummm…Actually…” Fan Fest Edition
The only thing a true geek loves more than knowing more than you is TELLING you they know more than you. Join our distinguished panel of “experts” as they read off incorrect trivia tidbits, only to be corrected by the audience. But, you only get points if you start off your correction with the words “Ummm…Actually…” in true geeky fashion (extra points if you really ham it up).

Passing the Torch – From Star Trek to Galaxy Quest to The Orville
While the many incarnations of Star Trek took us on a journey of exploration and human issues, Galaxy Quest brought us laughter and the power of fans and their support. Join in as we dissect the latest space offering with Seth McFarlane’s The Orville

What about the Twinkie – Ghostbuster Trivia
Come test your knowledge of all things Ghostbusters in this fast-paced, family friendly, game of trivia.

Willy Wonka Trivia
If you know what Wangdoodle’s eat for breakfast, this is the game for you!

Visit the schedule for dates and times. All programming subject to change.

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