These wristbands will be individual and personalized to your Phoenix Fan Fest 2017 membership.  Each Phoenix Fan Fest wristband contains a microchip and QR code that is unique to your wristband. This will make your convention experience smoother, easier, and more fun!

These microchips also ensure counterfeiters can’t easily make or sell fake Phoenix Fan Fest wristbands. Those caught with counterfeit wristbands will be asked to leave the convention immediately, ensuring our fans a safe and secure environment to celebrate their fandoms.


After picking up your RFID (radio frequency identification) wristband at Registration, simply walk up to any RFID-enabled kiosk where a Fan Fest Crew member will assist and direct you. Tap your wrist, gently, on the faceplate and listen for a beep that indicates you are clear to proceed inside.


Go FULLY digital and save some trees! Should you choose to register your wristband, you are able to attach products you purchased from our website, including all of your photo ops and autographs!

Registering your wristband is completely optional, but highly recommended! In the event that you lose your wristband, Phoenix Fan Fest customer service can deactivate the old one and activate a new wristband right away. However, if your lost wristband is not registered, you will need to pay for a new one.

To register your RFID wristband for Phoenix Fan Fest 2017, please visit  Start by entering the serial number found on your wristband. Then follow the steps by manually entering your information or you can link it right to your Facebook account.


Costuming Prop Weapons Policy Updated Oct 31, 2017

We love cosplay and the creativity behind bringing your favorite characters to life. While safety is our number one priority for our attendees, guests, vendors, and staff, we still want to allow you to bring your Cosplay A-Game, within reason.

After careful deliberation between Square Egg Entertainment and the Phoenix Convention Center, we are pleased to announce the newly revamped costuming, prop, and weapons policy for Phoenix Fan Fest 2017.


  • Lightsabers, wands, and sonic screwdrivers are a-okay!
  • Bows that are completely inoperable; un-strung is best, but loosely strung is okay too.
  • Non-removable arrows in a quiver AND/OR arrows with no tip.
  • Foam, plastic, fiberglass, resin or metal shields with no sharp edges
    • Please note: Metal shields are allowed, but may slow down the screening process at security.
  • Lightweight plastic bats. Any other accessories to the bat (such as those on Negan’s Lucille or the Demogorgon Killer from Stranger Things) should also be made of foam and incapable of harming others. No real barbed wire or nails, please!
  • Armor made of plastic, fiberglass, resin, or metal.
    • Please note: Metal armor is allowed, but will drastically slow down the screening process at security.
  • Any other props & armor (except for anything resembling any sort of real or replica firearm) made of Plastic, Thermoplastic (Worbla), Urethane Resin, Cardboard, Foam, Foam Rubber, or other lightweight material.

Please know that any metal pieces of your costume will likely result in slowing down the security screening process. Please plan accordingly so you don’t miss any of the fun!


These items are, under no circumstances, allowed into the Phoenix Convention Center.
  • Real and replica firearms of any kind, regardless of how realistic or unrealistic it looks. This includes any weapon resembling a firearm such as blasters, Overwatch firearms, etc.
  • Tasers
  • Glass props
  • Stone props
  • Slingshots
  • Brass knuckles


  • Real, replica, or simulated explosives, ammunition, chemical weapons of any kind, including but not limited to:
    • Simulated bomb vests
    • Cartoon bombs
    • Bullets
    • Hand grenades
    • Claymore Mines
    • Firecrackers
    • Pepper Spray
    • Mace
    • Powder caps
  • Metal or wood swords and other sharp-edged weapons
    • Please note: Swords, axes, Wolverine Claws, etc may be permitted as long as they are made out of one of the lightweight approved materials listed in the approved section with NO sharp edges.
  • Excessively noisy props including but not limited to:
    • Airhorns
    • Bullhorns
    • Whistles

Final decisions on prop weapons and armor will always be at the discretion of Phoenix Convention Center Security and the Phoenix Police Department. Please keep this in mind as you’re creating your fabulous cosplays.


Phoenix Fan Fest is moving to the Lower Level of the North building of the Convention Center for 2017. To ensure you have a smooth experience throughout the entire weekend, here’s what you need to know before you go!

Here is a step-by-step guide to entering Phoenix Fan Fest 2017:

    • Enter through the main doors of the North or West buildings located off of 3rd Street or the West building off of 2nd Street.
    • Head down the escalators to the Lower Level.
    • Proceed directly to Registration located outside of the Exhibit Hall to redeem your RFID wristbands.
    • Remember, you can register your RFID credentials,  attach your photo ops & autographs, and ensure you can get a new wristband at no extra charge (one time) should you lose the original. For instructions on registering your wristband, please see above.
    • If you are carrying a prop, proceed to the Prop Check station located outside of security for inspection and tag. Absolutely NO props will be allowed through security without inspection and tag.
    • Proceed to the security area and “tap in” your RFID wristband. Wait for the beep before moving forward. 
    • Proceed through Security, choosing  the  no bag line, ADA & Costuming line, or  general bag check line as appropriate.
    • Every security checkpoint will be utilizing metal detecting wands. If you have no bag, you will be wanded. This is the fastest way to enter the event.
    • If you have a bag, simply place it on the table for inspection and stay with your bag. Please do not leave any bags unattended.
      • Please note: Clear bags and small clutch purses, though not required, are highly recommended to decrease time spent at Security.
    • The ADA line will allow for visual inspection of medically necessary devices and bag check for those attendees who need it.
    • If you are coming in costume, your costume must be able to be thoroughly inspected and may require both visual and metal detecting inspection. Please make sure costume accessories or armor — especially metal armor pieces — are able to be removed or easily inspected if necessary.
    • Once you’re through security, the exhibit hall, programming areas, and food and drink are inclusive in the secured area to allow you to fully enjoy Phoenix Fan Fest without needing to go through security checkpoints multiple times.
      • Please note: Upon leaving the secure area, you will need to tap out at the RFID station. If you return to the event, you will need to go through security again.

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