Phoenix Fan Fest brings ‘Matilda,’ ‘Willy Wonka,’ ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ stars

Kellie Hwang, The Republic

Now in its third year, Phoenix Fan Fest is finding its own identity.

As the kid sibling of Phoenix Comicon, run by Square Egg Entertainment, Phoenix Fan Fest is a smaller and more tightly focused con that emphasizes family-friendly attractions.

This year’s event will feature celebrity guests and activities fit for kids of all ages, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) stars, themed panels and attractions, and more than 400 vendor booths and artists to start holiday shopping for geeky gifts.

“We try to keep Fan Fest family-friendly, and give it its own identity separate from Phoenix Comicon,” said Matt Solberg. “We’ve been successful in the past with bringing those guests from movies and TV shows that fit into that whimsical family fun, who we may not bring out to Phoenix Comicon.”


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